Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Favorites !!! --

With each trip that I made I clicked. I love traveling and I love taking photos while traveling. Most of the time I'll be disappointed with most of the shots that I click. But there comes a time when I get ecstatic after a shot, I just feel that I got a shot that's worth the whole trip. I get too eager to get back home and see the last outcome after the post processing. There are very very few of such shots and I thought I would list them out here. Just as a place holder or some delightful memories. They are not in any particular order or number.

School Kids waiting for ride to school. I was traveling to Goa after a night halt at Shimoga. Had to vacate the room by morning 6 and so we started early. By the time we reached Sagar Sun came out and then after some time just after crossing sagar I show this scene on the rear view mirror. Put the car on a screeching halt and run with the camera in my hand to shoot. Took a few shots and I was kind of jumping with joy. This is one of those shots which makes you feel so good. And this shot has made my whole trip.

I was driving from Jorhat to Gargaon and enroute this one big field caught my attention. I told myself that I need to be here during sunset or sunrise for sure. And voila, just 2 days after I was there just before the sunset. Found this tree to be really interesting and I knew what I want. I patiently waited for the sun to go down and capture this moment. I wanted to move closer but due to a ditch I couldn't but on a hindsight that probably was a blessing in disguise. I told my sis that I got the shot of the trip and I don't have to click any more pics on this trip anymore( but I did clicked many more shots after anyway ;-) )

Had to reach the Nagarhole forest asap from our homestay at Irupu. But we couldn't reach that soon and almost missed the Safari. The reason, well this photograph was the reason. Just while leaving Irupu I stopped at the incline to see these heavenly rays piercing through the canopy. Stopped the car and started clicking. May not be great composition wise but that time I felt this was shot of the trip and it still is.

LADAKH, a place made of dreams. And actually speaking I've many shots which are my favorite. But I'll post only a few for each day of the trip which I felt had my day for that trip.
We were returning from Pangong Tso and just crossed the Pagal Nullah. There was this smaller serene lake there and then there was this grass land dotted with small rivulets. We were shooting the lake first and then decided to move a bit further. We stepped next to a rivulets and there was this two guys standing calmly. And in my mind I already had my shot. Lied down on the ground and started taking their pics from a lower angle and they really posed for me for quite long time before they moved on grazing.


Breaking my own rule, this one another fav from the same trip. This became my fav after a bit of HDR processing to get the sky exposure correct. Just before the grass land we stopped at this junction. I somehow loved how the mountains kind of making way for roads by converging into that meeting point of the bases. This is one of my first tries with HDR processing and I loved this shot a lot.


We were getting ready to leave Leh and found these kids of our guest house owner was playing around the garden. I just grabbed my camera and shot a few clicks. Loved this one the most. They were so cute and innocent.


Was descending from Rohtang pass and the green started to creep up everywhere and we were getting overwhelmed by the greens after full dose of browns of Ladakh. It looked so soothing and inviting. Had a bus to catch to Delhi from Manali as we had to cancel plans to stay at Manali. But when such views invite then who cares about the Bus schedules. Stopped numerous times and this was best of the lot. Ohh BTW we did get the taste of mountain traffic jam after some but that;s a different story for some other time.

Had to attend a wedding at Shimoga and how can I miss the chance for another lovely drive on that route and so were on that route again. Stopped for a lil' break and found the farmers working on their fields. I thought of capturing a moment with them and kinda loved this outcome.


It was a long pending trip and a trip with the BPC folks. At the temple I was outside and one of friend called me to show these intricate carvings on the roof. They were fascinating piece of art. I wanted to capture them and tripod are not allowed and light was less. I didn't want to use flash as for these shots I wanted to capture the existing light only. And it suddenly clicked my mind to keep the camera facing up on the floor. And voila I found these three pillars holding the roof to be an interesting compo and I was quite happy with the result. I should've had the fourth pillar also to complete the shot probably. ...

Well, that's all for today. I'll add some more from some other trips in some other time. Need to go to sleep now..


Jagannath said...

I've seen these pics so many times. Never gets old! Lovely snaps and now that there's a story behind each, it gets even better.

Btw, you never mentioned earlier that moutain picture was HDR!! rules broken badly lol

Kaushik said...

Thanks dude.. This is just one part, there are few more..
And no rules broken. My only rule is that the picture should look good. I use HDR to show what I show as the camera has limitation to see what we see. We have so much higher dynamic range than the camera, just think that do we ever see a blown out highlight with our eyes? We never right? Then why should the photograph show and that's where HDR kicks in.

hriday said...

hey Kaushik'da..just visited ur blog! great pics.brillient work..

Anonymous said...

Hey kaushik, nice to see your travelogue... Please update your recent travel details as well... haven't seen any after 2010. keep up this nice blog :)

Happy vacations...