Sunday, October 26, 2008

half life..But not Game over yet !!!

Few days back when a friend called me on 12AM to wish me for me coming to the earth on that particular date, 30 years ago, I was kind of suddenly having a strange feeling. A feeling that I'd lived(did I??) so many years and the years just flew by and I didn't even noticed it. Life almost went off halfway, gone in like a bullet train and all I'm left with is a faint glimpse of it. Suddenly a fear of loosing myself into the dark oblivion engrossed me. I was thinking what's there after this life? How it'll be and as the life is moving so fast that the end is coming closer[oh, scary, isn't it?]. And what's life actually? Why am I here? What is this force or magic that I'm walking, talking,eating, sleeping and then suddenly one day will come when all these things will stop and I'll just vanish into the thin air? What's the purpose of this life, or as they say, what's the bigger picture?
But then as suddenly sanity prevailed over me and I realized how futile it's about to think of the end. Let's not think about it as it's inevitable anyway. So why bother? Whatever has to happen will happen, destiny has something written for everyone and worrying is not gonna change anything. Let's enjoy what I have now and probably that's how to live a life. And cherish the past, all that remained from past is a memory. Somewhere I've read that human brain erases bad memories as time passes by and so only the good ones remains itched for years.

Forget about the future, forget about the past,
Life is a journey so just have a blast.. [some song by BAdams I guess]

I know this things may sound crazy but sometimes craziness overcomes sanity.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Wednesday on a thursday..

No, no, it's not about a day but about the thoughts after watching a movie called "A Wednesday". No, it's not a critique about this movie but about the message it was trying to pass. A message to those who thinks that they can kill us at their will and spread their claws of terror to every nook and corner of our country. It's to tell them that yes, we the common people are angry, we really want to retaliate and take revenge for those mindless attacks on us. These cowards, so called terrorists don't even have the guts to come out in the open for a fight. All they can do is to hide behind their veils and plant a bomb in a public place killing the innocent common man. They don't think for a second time when they commit such heinous crimes. They don't have any heart for humanity and they are not someone who can be called humans. Then why should not they be punished whenever they are caught? Why should not they be shown the path to the gallows? Why it takes so much of time to punish these buggers after they are caught? The judgement should be swift and punishment should be severe. Why these human rights and their cohorts make noise when some terrorists are killed by our armed forces? Why why why? I think they are not even humans to have human rights.

The protagonist in the movie raised a question, a question to all of us, if a cockroach enters our houses what do we do to them ? Do we give them shelter or kill them? Yes, we all Indians need to think that way, either be it a Policeman or someone from the decision makes or the common people. Are we going to just sit back and watch those cockroaches spoiling our lovely home, our motherland under our nose? And NO, please don't bring religion here, none of the religions teach us to take up arms. Terrorists doesn't have religion, the only religion they follow is of terrorism. This is just twisted version of those few monsters who have sold their souls, to something called terrorism.

Afterthoughts: It's really ironic that these thoughts are coming on a day of non-violence (2nd Oct) but I feel non-violence works with people who have lil' bit of humanity or civilization left in them. Not with barbarians who have long gone down from the level of humans long back to that of demons.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A journey that changed everything..

..and it changed the world history the way we see it today.Was watching the movie "The Motorcycle Diaries" a movie based on the early life journey of the legendary revolutionary Ernesto (Che) Guevara.While he was studying medicine at Rio in his last year Che decided to take a year off and travel length and breath through South America on a old motorcycle with his friend Granado.This is what have changed the young exuberant Che to someone matured enough to think differently.Who felt for the poor people of South America and he came back with a belief that all the suffering of common man was because of the imperialism/capitalism.A journey that taken him out of the shell he was in before, immune to the outside world probably.He started to see the world with a different view.He started feeling the pain of the poor,neglected people.Fuser(his pet name) got transformed.He transformed into Che as the world know him today.This one journey he realized the injustice done to the people working in the mines of Chile or the sufferings of the leprosy patients on the banks of Amazon.This movie has made me think few things..
May be we all need to come out the comfortable zone we are in now, the shell that we are enjoying.May be we also need to take a journey, may not be as huge as Che's but we need this to view the world with a different eye.May be that won't change world history or anything, but that may change a few lives.Can we ? Can I ??

Monday, February 11, 2008

Life in the fast lane....

Fast cars,expressways and a destination but no time to look around and enjoy the beauty a journey can provide.No time to connect to that small town we've just bypassed, no time to wait for to see that small festival going on that village that we would've crossed.What about the coffee/tea at the roadside stall while it's raining. Instead of using the laid back journey of a small state-highway we prefer to travel by the six laned highway and have our dose of tea/coffee at A1 plazas.Yeah we do reach our destinations faster but that's all about it.We've probably forgotten to enjoy something called journey. And if I see the analogy, the same is exactly happening even to our lives.
These are the thoughts that came to my mind while watching the movie "Cars".It's a animated movie about a hot-racing car Lightning McQueen by mistake drove into a town called Radiator Springs on the forgotten highway of Route 66.Where he met few other cars and he learned something called friendship.The drive on the old route 66 he took with Sally Carrera(the Porche) and how he exclaimed to her how can people just miss the awesome beauty of this road and abandon it for the new interstate. To which Sally said about driving on Route 66 " Well, the road didn't cut through the land like that interstate. It moved with the land, it rose, it fell, it curved" and then the best part "Cars didn't drive on it to make great time,they drove on it to have great time". And exactly what our lives have also become.We are running as fast as we can on this rat race but we've forgotten that we've just lost time and never was able to enjoy the time that just ran past us.We are running towards some obscure destination far away, not a bit bothered about what we've missed.We are making big strides in our career in great time, but we've missed to have a great time.
Wish I can find a way to the route 66 but it seems to be just fading away in the horizon.