Sunday, October 16, 2005

Mangalore,Bekal,Surathkal and Dharmasthala trip Photographs

Here are few of the clicks during the trip to Mangalore,Bekal,surathkal and Dharmasthala.. It was a drive to remember for a long time.. Had everything from Rains in the hills to the Sun in the beach.. Morning tea at Bekal,evening snacks at Surathkal beach. .A bend gear shift shaft enroute Dharmasthala.. finding a maruti service station in a place called nowhere.. 100s of vintage cars in the car museum and thousands of devotees at the shrine.. Can things get better then this?? Oh can I ever forget the drive on the Sakleshpur ghat section with the rain lashing on the windshield.. rain makes the place mesmerizing,it was green all over,feels like God had only the shades of green while he created this place(and yeah we mortals had put the grey road in between but the contrast was so nice) and to have a cup of hot tea while it rains.. Romantic, isn't it ?? ;-)

And yeah,thouht I should mention,'yours truly' was born on this date..