Thursday, August 27, 2015

Prologue : Touching India on four wheels by two aimless souls

South-West-North-East-NorthEast-South - Touching India on wheels by two aimless souls..

The engine sputtered and then stopped showing no signs of life. Cranked again, and again and few times more. All I can hear was the whirr of the fuel pump (or was it just my imagination, can't say for sure) but the engine just refused to start. Tried to pump the CRDI pump vigorously but it's just not working. I was bit of sliding to panic mode. The nearest workshop is probably 300 kms away and there was not a single mechanic to be found in the vicinity. 300kms of serpentine mountain road lies between the stranded car and a probable workshop and that means it's probably impossible to tow the car too. Is it the end of our long adventure and probably end of story for the mighty Scorpio which till now has braved almost everything that has been thrown at it. Well, we will get into that later. Let's go back and see how we actually have ended up in a place which is 3000kms far away from the start point of our long journey.

They say, if you need to do stuff that really means something to you then you need to sacrifice your comfort zone and gun for what you want.The routine daily chores of office and home has been becoming too monotonous with no light at the end of the tunnel. One needs to move on to see the light and to see the light for the soul and what best way other then to leave everything behind and go for a long journey. May be such a journey would fill up the void created by the bubble of corporate world, may be it'll help to see the world in a different way, may be it'll open up the clogged minds to a different vibrant world. Let's try to find out what is gonna happen next." Well, to be honest, those were the crux of the discussions that few of our friends were having off-late. Yes, there were sane voices too but when insanity strikes hard it's difficult to ignore it. I've been thinking lot about taking a break as I was almost on the verge of breakdown with the load and pressure at my workplace. And when one of my friend had seriously asked me why don't we quit and go for a tour of India, I didn't want to let go off this opportunity. And thus came out the keyboard and a mail went out carrying my parting words.

I was expecting that my mail would be accepted and soon would be a free bird. But as always, corporate world takes it's own sweet time with negotiations and other tactics to delay one's leaving as long as possible. But it did happen, albeit a bit late, close to 10 days than originally planned and I was ready to rock'n'roll. No more corporate world, no more deadlines to meet, no more of strings to hold oneself back. The world outside is beckoning, the roads are inviting and a mind is ready to let loose in the world unknown.

PS: And no, I am not going to break the tradition and here are some teasers :p :p





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