Sunday, November 05, 2006

Kere Thonnur..

There is this lovely lovely lake on the hillock.. a little far away from Pandavapura, it's a place to be..a very silent place with very few people coming there. a perfect place to spend time enjoying the beauty..

A journey into the Himada Gopalaswamy Betta

Just after my return from home I hit the road again.. Me,Saket and Vyas decided to go for a short trip to see the mists over Gopalswamy betta.. This small hill is sitting pretty on the side of Bandipur National Park..A place with a shrine and rolling hills all around and covered with mist most of the time.. One can have commanding view over the Bandipur and Mudumalai forest downhill and yeah the Pachyderms do pay their visit to this place almost regularly.. Lucky ones sometimes have close encounters with these gentle giants..
We've not been so lucky as we were there when the sky was clear and there were no giants in vicinity.. But the view, it was just wonderful..We've walked through the treks there and every step leading us to different vistas..We spent around 3 hours their and returned before it get dark. (you are not supposed to stay there without prior permission after dusk as the place is inside the Bandipur Forest) On the way back we have witnessed a very colorful Sunset..
As it was Sunday next day we decided to stay over at Mysore..And the next day, well ,read my next blog ;-)

Distance : 226 km from Bangalore..
Road Condition : Blr-Msr highway is pretty nice to drive.. Msr to B'pur is somewhat ok to worse in places..OK types after the turn towards the hill..

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Gopalaswamy Betta Photos

Gopalaswamy Betta..Check the other pics here