Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where the music gone???

Music, aah it's something that made us happy, made us cry, made us nostalgic, euphoric. But somehow, somewhere I'm having a feeling that I'm loosing it, loosing my emotional bond that I had with music. No I'm not talking about playing musical instrument, I can't play anything at all except the CD player. It's just that nowadays I don't get ecstatic when I see a new album by my favorite group nor I get swayed away with the flow of the music. Why is it happening? Is it that when something is in abundance and available freely, it looses it shine. Looses it's value. Or is that there is no one to share those joys? I don't know, I wish I know and fix it but I can't..
I still remember those days, the days when I used to save my pocket money to get that particular album which I wanted to give a hear for a long time. Sometime I'll have the money but the album won't be available. Sometime somebody will bring the news of another album that got released and available at the stands. But can't go to get it as there are lots of classes to attend or probably last bus has already left for city center. And I remember when I get enough money accumulated and go to the city center to buy that particular cassette. Will get very restless to get to my hostel room. Will call out the friends and tear open the plastic cover and play it loud on my el-cheapo music system. Oh man, didn't I enjoyed that, didn't we all enjoyed. We'll listen to the tracks from first to last, instantly fall in love with some track and rewind it to play it again and again. It's a pain to rewind on cassette decks but we'll still rewind hundreds of times and listen to that particular song. Guitarists among us will try to find out the notes or whatever, oh yeah some of those guys could do that. And the others, like me will try hard to memorize and play Hotel California without even knowing any majors, minors. But who cares, we loved doing it, we loved music. Probably eagles, zubeen, Kishore Kumar or GnR were our best friends (Pink Floyd happened to me in a later stage). Aah, where all those are gone.
I so much loved listening to music is that the first thing I bought with my salary was neither a bike nor cell phone but a Sony Music system. I did enjoyed listening on that system, a lot. I remember when we used to listen to it even in the dead in the night and sometime even get sound rebutals from our owner of our rented place. But still it was fun. I still remember when one of my friend used to come to my place to just to listen to his favourite song again and again.. Aur kya, aur kyaaa... ;-) We even listened to Ande ka funda for umpteenth amount of time. In the mean time one will keep on singing Rimjhim gire sawan and another will fight hard to become Jitul (an assamese singer). But good things never lasts long and after that within a year or two all of us got separated. Everyone went to different places and in the melle probably I probably forgot how to enjoy music.

After thought: Another thing, those days I never used to bother how the quality of recording was nor how much noise is there in the song due to bad recording. Never bothered if some bass or treble is missing or if the vocals are not clear. No, I never used to do that but just to enjoy music whatever kind it is then to be critical about the recording quality. May be this also a small part to play.

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Ganesh Prakasam said...

i was discussing this same point with my wife, of not keeping in touch with music, as recently as y'day.
after going thru ur blog, i started thinking over it again. in my case, work(both office and personal), newer interests/change in priorities have pushed listening to music behind and out.
playing and spending time with friends can be added to this discontinued list.
it's time we revive these childhood joyful moments to make the rest of our life spicy and energetic.