Sunday, October 26, 2008

half life..But not Game over yet !!!

Few days back when a friend called me on 12AM to wish me for me coming to the earth on that particular date, 30 years ago, I was kind of suddenly having a strange feeling. A feeling that I'd lived(did I??) so many years and the years just flew by and I didn't even noticed it. Life almost went off halfway, gone in like a bullet train and all I'm left with is a faint glimpse of it. Suddenly a fear of loosing myself into the dark oblivion engrossed me. I was thinking what's there after this life? How it'll be and as the life is moving so fast that the end is coming closer[oh, scary, isn't it?]. And what's life actually? Why am I here? What is this force or magic that I'm walking, talking,eating, sleeping and then suddenly one day will come when all these things will stop and I'll just vanish into the thin air? What's the purpose of this life, or as they say, what's the bigger picture?
But then as suddenly sanity prevailed over me and I realized how futile it's about to think of the end. Let's not think about it as it's inevitable anyway. So why bother? Whatever has to happen will happen, destiny has something written for everyone and worrying is not gonna change anything. Let's enjoy what I have now and probably that's how to live a life. And cherish the past, all that remained from past is a memory. Somewhere I've read that human brain erases bad memories as time passes by and so only the good ones remains itched for years.

Forget about the future, forget about the past,
Life is a journey so just have a blast.. [some song by BAdams I guess]

I know this things may sound crazy but sometimes craziness overcomes sanity.

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junkie said...

you're right absolutely. taking life as it comes is the best way to live it fully. Good post.