Saturday, November 03, 2007

1-2-3-4 Here we go.Go Goa. Day 3...and 4

Time to leave Goa as we need to see Karwar and Devbagh that day.Plan was to go to Devbagh first and then to Karwar Beach to see the Sunset.Woke up with a bad headache so though of taking the day easy and had a very nice breakfast at the place where we stayed.
Lazily we started towards Karwar and told Saket to be behind the wheels as my headache was worsening.Took some tablets and went to sleep at the backseat.Disprin works great for me and within half an hour I was ready to roll.We've reached the jetty from which we have to take a boat ride to Devbagh.Plan was to have lunch at Devbagh and spend some time there and head back to main Karwar city.
Devbagh is an awesome place and place just to walk around and relax.A lovely place and will definitely visit sometime again to spend few days there.The whole place is covered with trees and surrounded by the sea.I'll let the photographs talk :

We decided to head back by 4.30 around so that we can catch the sunset.On the way back we see the Bridge on the Kaali river bathed golden with the evening Sun.It was a sight to behold.

Soon we reached the Karwar beach and we were about to view one of the most amazing sunsets.The beach is beautiful and quite big.The only thing to do was to laze around and walk on the long stretches, oh man, I loved it so much.

After it went dark we've decided that we'll move back to Sirsi and stay at Hotel Shivani.The drive through the Devimane ghat was adventurous and scary also.We were the only people driving at that time with just 2 or 3 occasional Bus/trucks.Loved it very much and once again thanks to all the people out here who have shown me this route.Oh by the way, this time we've stayed in a kind of a presidential suite room ;-) and just for 700 bucks.If that room was to be in Bangalore probably it would've cost us a bomb.
Day 4 was just driving day and this time we've decided to take the GQ route.Took the GQ on Haveri, as everyone knows it's incomplete and there were traffic jams(bad ones) in two places, one was somewhere near Ranibennur and other was at Tumkur.We've probably lost around 40 minutes in each of the jams and lost a load of patience.But the GQ is otherwise a nice road to drive if one is enthusiast. I was constantly driving 150 kmph on the good stretches.
But anyday I would prefer to use the Shimoga route as it's much more scenic and more involving.I wish those craters will be filled up soon and it'll be smoother ride next time.

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Yogesh Naik said...

brilliant pics of Karwar... !!