Friday, November 02, 2007

1-2-3-4 Here we go.Go Goa. Day 2...

Getting late is probably written in our blood,yes we love India and we love to follow Indian Standard(Lazy) time.Started an hour late again then the decided one and left Sirsi by 8.15am.Plan is to cross Devimane Ghat as quick as possible and reach Goa early.The road was very nice, small two laned road, not very smooth but can be driven at 80-90kmph as the traffic was very less.Crossed a few beautiful small bridges.And then I decided to stop at one of them to frame it through my lens.Vinoy got very excited to see the beautiful hill-river down below and went down to the river bed(which he regretted later ;-) )
We saw the turn that goes to Yana but as we were in a city-slicker not a off-roader we had to ignore the place and head towards Mirjan. But had to stop after sometime as there was shrieking voice that shouted something like "Beach"or something like that .. I was wondering where the hell these guys have seen a beach in the hills but it turned out that our dear Mr. Adventure boy Vinoy was been attacked by an army of leeches when he entered their territory.There were two beaches, oops sorry leeches, on the floor, both tank full of his blood.There was one more hanging on his leg sucking few more drops.Stopped the car and it was our time to pay it back.Crushed all three and after a quick check for any more of the enemies hiding inside the car we hit the road again.
Now came the ultimate test of driving skill once we reached NH17.If Shimoga road was bad then try this section.It'll top the list of worst roads in India or perhaps the world.Basically there was no road as such and we were probably going through a war-zone[who knows, may be Yana road was better] Anyway after sometime we reached the Gokarna deviation and headed towards Om Beach.But we were disappointed to know that people were not allowed to go to the beach as there was some mishap day before.So we had to turn back and head towards Karwar instead.
We reached Karwar pretty soon, the ghat section where you can see the sea on the left side was walled off in most of the places for the Sea-bird project.Would have been a great drive if those walls were not there(well,we have to sacrifice something for the country) . the view of the sea was amazing once we entered the Karwar City.Car was stopped and outcomes the camera and here are some snaps :

Now we thought that better we go ahead and have our lunch at Goa.. So in goes the camera and the car roars to life.Saket took over the driving this time as I wanted to enjoy the beauty outside and took some rest also.. Well till goa border I was repenting the decision as the road was very good and I wish I was driving ;-) .But as we entered Goa the road becomes a like a galli and I was spared with driving on that road.Few sections were even potholed badlly also.
We reached Palolem around 3.30pm and we started looking out for a place to eat.The beach was very nice with nice people all around he he.. The Outlook Traveler Goa guide became our good friend and we went to Hi Tide Coco hut's restaurant.It's a lovely place on the side of the sea.We ordered some sea-food and veg food for saket.. Me and Vinay are the fisheterians and while at Goa how can we miss it ;-) . The Food was awesome(even the veg food) tasty fish and lovely tasting Prawns, on the side of the beach .It was a lunch to remember for life,the breeze from the sea,the sun going down on the horizon and the beauty all around.If it's not bliss then what is?
We had earlier plan to go to north Goa but we ditched that plan and decided to spend the night at Palolem only.Booked a room at Palolem Beach resort(a very nice place I would recommend to anyone) just walkable to distance from the beach.The lights of he huts,the calm sea ,the sound of the waves hitting the shore and the beer bottles,ummm we've chosen the right choice.But wish we had one more day to spend atleast I could've joined other two buggers in their night adventures..Oh yeah, they had a good time and Saket almost found his Cristine he he [Don't know Cristine? You need to watch some movies my dear friend]..

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