Sunday, May 22, 2005

Where to go??? and raindrops...

After the weather-spoiled Kolar road trip I was roaring to go for another one .. now this one come from Srikant's mail for a trip to Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary or to be specific Bheemeswari.. But again after lotsa discusions/brainstorming and fights CWS was cancelled.. So I had nothing to do on the Sunday and was thinking of spending the day sleeping .. ;-) Yesterday night had a nice candle-light Diner at Rajeeb's new house(Seems the elctric trasnformer tripped after the storm in the evening)..
Around 11 am got a msg from Srikant about some place called Devarayana Durga..It's a small hillock near Tumkur and seems to a nice place tofind birds and reptiles..But as there was not much time(I had to wait for Siva as he was to join me and then we planned to move towards Srikant's home) to make a long trip we decided to give a visit to Tipu's Brithplace,i.e. Devanahalli .. After waiting for Siva for a long time he arrived at around 2.40 pm.. Anway we started asap and picked up Srikant on the way .. the Road to devanahalli is in progress and in some places both way traffic had to share the same stretch of road.. Except that the road was good.. I hope the work will be finished soon.
Nowadays it seems like every developement work in bangalore has stopped.. Everything is moving in a snail pace,thanks to the new stupid Government and their policies..
We reached the place on around 4pm and parked the car inside the fort.. actually there is a settlement of people inside the fort walls.. The fort is not that big and it seems walls have been collapsed in some places.. Everything seems to be in pathetic condition. There was no maintanance or stuffs like that.. And it seems some places are used by the localites as their toilets..Well probably Srikant will like to say somehting about something dry,ahem..;-);-)
After shooting some pics of the fort walls and inside the temple(VEnugopalaswamy Temple)we decided to return back to Bangalore as it was getting dark and Sun was setting on the Horizon.. On the way back we thought of having some tea and Srikant has taken us to a very nice lil' Bengali Sweet shop in Jalahalli.. The Singra(or Samocha) was really good and I was feeling like having it on my hometown.. We also had something called ChanaPayas and that was yummy..
Arrived home by 8 pm and waiting for the rain to come .. I really miss my native home when it rains.. I love to hear the raindrops falling on the Tin-roof at my home but not so in the RCC roofs in Bangalore.. ~sigh~

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