Sunday, May 29, 2005

Deverayana Durga - Where silence is broken by the Birds..

DEvarayana Durga, is a quite hill station(or say hillock) just around 65 km from
Bangalore .. This is the place we've decided to give a visit this weekend .. As
Siva,Nathan n Jk ware busy it left me and Srikant to make the trip .. I woke up to a call from Srikant in my mobile at 5.30..It seems I switched off my alarm and slept till the call came.. I was supposed to start before 5.30 am and I was still sleeping.. So ultimately I was able to start by 6.15am.. Had some tea and bun near Srikants home.. So here we come D.Durga .. We have to take NH4 to reach D.Durga.. at the 20 km Milepost before Tumkur we have to a u turn and a small muddy road(just 15 mts) connects to D'Durga road..NH4 is part of the PM highway scheme and one dream road to drive.. I was constantly driving above 100 and the road was smooth like silk.. Probably these roads were the best gift by the previous government and I hope the good will be continued by the new govt..Anyway,after taking the state road from NH4 we are back to real roads from the dream road ;-).. Road was not so good and most of the places was full of potholes.. it's around 15 km from the diversion of NH4 and it took us more time to cross this part then it took from Blr to the diversion.. ;-) But so what, I enjoyed the countryside and it was really really beautiful..
After sometime we reached the DD forest range and we stopped in many places as we were spotting lotsa avians on the way .. Really the place was full of lotsa birds.. Though my birding knowledge was limited I was able to id some of them.. Me and srikant tried to capture them in film but what I found that my equipment is really not suitable for any short of birding.. After some misadventures we decided to move on towards DD hill.. On the top of the hill there is a temple but first we decided to roam around other places and look for some birds/bugs/butts or whatever we thought can be clicked .. And our patience did paid up .. We were able to shoot some Lizzards( I'm still not able to id those two species) .. And there were lotsa butterflies around .. I could catch some of them after an hour of effort and quite satisfied with the outcome later..
Then we decided to give a visit to the temple. It's actually inside the fort we had to climb some stairs to get there.. Believe me the view was awesome from the top and I wish I was there early morning or late afternoon to catch the magic light(Sigh!!! I wish!!!
how I wish,how I wish you were here - Pink Floyd!!! ;-);-) )
So after spending some time in the temple we decided to call it a day and march back to where we belong(namma bengaluru) .. The return journey was uneventful and only thing I remember that we had tender coconut water on way back and wow it probably tasted like nectar..


Anonymous said...

Hi Kaushik Saikia,

Ur experience is awesome.. i've already shown this blog of urs to all my guys n gals.. n u know, thy're on their toe to visit DD hills.. v're off to tat place this weekend.. thanks for the info buddy.


Vikram said...

Hi, great to see your blog. we are planning for a day trip. Can you please provide us the route map in a bit eloborated way?

Kaushik said...

Hi Vikram,
Thanks for visiting my blog.
But I'm not able to recollect exactly now as it was long back. Actually all I can remember is that there is one Flyover and after that you can see the 20 KM to Tumkur milestone. You need to take a U-turn at 20 km post. Then you'll see a diversion on your left and this is the road to DDurga. You can inquire with the people there(that's what we did). BTW, there is another road to D-Durga and I heard that one is easier to find (don;t take my word for it though). But I'm not sure of that route.
BTW, this post is reminding me that I probably need to make a trip there again.

Vineeth John Abraham said...


I was searching for some place for todays' trip and found ur blog :) Planing to go here! But confused to select between Lepakshi or DD. Will tell u once i m in ofc on monday :)

Thanks for the blog and desc!