Sunday, May 15, 2005

Early Morning,Kolar Road(NH4) and a bad weather

Sunday morning 4.30 am .. While most of the earthlings,well atleast the Indian specimens, are happily sleeping I ventured out on the Kolar road in search of some photo ops .. There are lotsa hillocks on the way I thought of getting some clicks.. Well I was not alone,Nathan was also with me.. I travelled on that road thrice b4 and neither time I had my camera with me.. So this time determined to get something out of it .. We were welcome by a nice cool morning and thought it would be a great day to shoot but we failed to see the overhanging clouds .. While I woke up I could feel the gentle breeze and that moment I had a feeling that it might rain today.. Well it didn't rain but the overcast condition left us high and dry .. Well maybe next time ..

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