Thursday, February 14, 2008

A journey that changed everything..

..and it changed the world history the way we see it today.Was watching the movie "The Motorcycle Diaries" a movie based on the early life journey of the legendary revolutionary Ernesto (Che) Guevara.While he was studying medicine at Rio in his last year Che decided to take a year off and travel length and breath through South America on a old motorcycle with his friend Granado.This is what have changed the young exuberant Che to someone matured enough to think differently.Who felt for the poor people of South America and he came back with a belief that all the suffering of common man was because of the imperialism/capitalism.A journey that taken him out of the shell he was in before, immune to the outside world probably.He started to see the world with a different view.He started feeling the pain of the poor,neglected people.Fuser(his pet name) got transformed.He transformed into Che as the world know him today.This one journey he realized the injustice done to the people working in the mines of Chile or the sufferings of the leprosy patients on the banks of Amazon.This movie has made me think few things..
May be we all need to come out the comfortable zone we are in now, the shell that we are enjoying.May be we also need to take a journey, may not be as huge as Che's but we need this to view the world with a different eye.May be that won't change world history or anything, but that may change a few lives.Can we ? Can I ??

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Kalyan said...

Yes indeed. There are some movies which can change the way you view the world. Things which you take for granted may suddenly become important. So we should keep watching good movies...