Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunrise sunrise, Looks like morning in your eyes..(Pondichery trip part 2)

I woke up at around 5 am in the morning to catch the sunrise in the Bay of Bengal ..Wow ,what a feeling it was to see the big sun comming up from the far Horizon and
glowing up places with the warm morning rays of light .. After setting the tripod and
waiting for the sun to come up I've taken some pics of the new Pier..Then captured the Sun and the Sea on the chrome.. Then I decided to move on.. after walking a bit I found the Churches/Duplex statue/War Memorial glowing brightly in the morning Sunlight .. BTW,again horror struck and I've found that the door lock of my Canon body had gave in and door was open .. Luckily Canon uses Pre-wind mechanism(once u load ur film all the film loads into the spool and once u click the pics the exposed part goes inside the canister.. So there is no chance that it will spoil ur exposed pics if u open the back cover accidently).. I let go some frames and started shooting again . Have to do something about the lock after I get back to Blr..Well by 8 I was feeling hungry and then I realized that I left my purse in hotel.. So I had to get back there by 8.30 around.. We checked out of the hotel by 10.00 and voted to go to Chunnambar beach resort .. Some people have misguided us yesterday that the resort was closed due to the recent Tsunami..Luckily Rajeeb has asked our hotel manager in the morning and seems the Resort is up and running smoothly.. So our next destination is Chunnambar.. Ohhh no ,isn't it the most unappropiate time to get my glasses broken..S**t,my specs r gone and for the first time in a trip I forgot to bring my spare ones.. I'm going to have hell of a time today .. The worst thing is that I won't be able to use my camera today and my camera doesn't have diopter control .. Luckily the Digital comes to rescue..
We reached the place by 10.45 around and the place was bustling with activity already .. We went for a ride on boat .. It was almost like the boat ride in the backwaters of Kerala .. Nice view and a good weather(lucky we).. Pankaj n Indrani went for a speed boat ride also .. We had a nice time at that place and I would like to recommend ppl to visit this place also if they r travelling to P'cherry..
We decided to start our journy back home without re-entering P'cherry..Indrani was
fighting with Pankaj for not taking her for shopping in P'cherry.. ;-);-) .. The road was very good and wasn't able to enjoy the scenary previous night but today we were able to see the rows and rows of Tamarind treed on both side of the roads .. The drive was good and we have reached Gingee(pronounced as Senjee,don't ask me why). There is a massive fort on the hill.. It was too hot to try a climb up and the people were not willing to even have a look at it(it was 3/3.30 in the noon) ..I've taken some snaps .. Will be back here again.. Have to climb up and I want to see it closely ..
Our next stop was Thiruvannamalai Shiva Temple.. We reached there probably by 4.30
around .. It was grand ..I was amazed to see such a big temple . It's one of the biggest (probably the Biggest) Shiva temple in South India..There was an elephant inside the temple who was bestowing devotees by hitting on the head mildly.. but u have to give him either some money or some food.. It was funny I thought .. Anyway we left the temple by 5.30 and head back home.. After an uneventful journey we reached Bangalore by 9 pm.. Thus ends another trip and tomorrow have to give the slides for processing .. Hope something will come good ..
PS-Some snaps taken on the Digital are here .. not much thoughts have gone behind this one so don't expect some great pics ..