Sunday, March 13, 2005

Morning morning

Wake up early in the morning and raise my weary hair .. Ohh God it's 5.45 and I have some friends to catch .. It seems people from the BPC are planning a meet and I have to be a part of that .. JK also would join me on the way .. So by 6.30 am we reached Lalbagh ..
First met Shivakumar there on the parking lot itself.. He was very eager to show his
slides .. He got some nice pictures and some nice compostions(specially the Sunrise/set ones) .. But I was horrified to see the scratches on the slides and it seems he has given the slides at GK Vale for processing .. I was thinking of testing GK once for slides but I should be better off at Prabhu .. No GK Vale for slides(and any other photogrpahic shots in negs also) except probably only for prints from snapshots if any ..
Next we went inside and Shivakumar got busy with shooting some people .. Then nathan joined in .. Shiva was trying my cable release in his camera with great fun for some peeping tom kinda shots ;-);-) .. After sometime Srikant,Ajay,Kumar joined and we proceed to talk about the future course of the club.. Ulitimately it was decided to have some polls(yeah, it's India, buddy) to know about peoples idea about having photo tours and competitions.. Let's hope to see some good response .. After lotsa discussions we decided to finish the meet by 10.30 around ..
I';ve to get my car washed today .. Probably I've forgotten what the original color was.. ;-)

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