Saturday, February 12, 2005

Kokkrebelur trip 2

Back to Kokkrebellur..(12/02/05)

Well ,it started off from a mail from Shivakumar in the group .. It seems he and some other bpc guys were planing for a trip to kb .. I thought of pitch in as the previous trip was not a huge success ;-) due to the bad lighting that day ... So after lots of discussion/addition/deletion the team remained was me,Shivakumar ,JK and Nathan..So we've decided to start by 5 in the morning .. Wheeeewwwww that's early in the morning for a late riser like me ..
Anyway, next day we've started on time .. Nathan came to my place by 4.45am and then we've started .. On the way we've picked up JK and Shivakumar .. There were no hick-up as such at the start and we hit the Kanakapura Road,i.e. NH 209(or is NH207?) soon ..We've decided to take this road as the Mysore road was not in good shape due to the ongoing construction of 4 lane highway .. Last trip we've taken that road and luckily we've avoided some mishaps .. The Kanakapura road itself was not in a bad codition barring some small patches and we could sail smoothly .. By 6.30 the sun has decided to come up and we hasd really beautiful sunrise to enjoy and of-course click .. Hope the pics will speak for the truely marvellous sunrise ...
We had our breakfast somewhere near the turn to Sathanur ..I'm not very sure about the name of the place ...After some biscuits n snacks we've started our trip again .. To reach Kokrebelur we had to take a right turn after Halagur..After the diversion it was mainly a village area with lots of morning activities .. Though our mind were mostly occupied by birds I was able to take 1 shot or two of the village life .. On the way itself we could spot lots of birds(mostly egrets,pond herons and kites) ..
After spending some time on the road capturing all these birds(by others specially shivakumar was very much excited ;-) ) and some morning(I too have taken some) we reached Kokkrebelur by around 8.30 am .. All the other members were owe-stricken to see so many birds that too in such close quarters .. All of them were speechless(I was not as I've already seen this phenomenon on my previous trip).. Nathan disappeared to catch soe birds and we were not able to locate for almost an hour or so .. Shivakumar was jumping with joy and JK has only one
word "Awesome" ..The place was full of Pelicans n painted storks .. On every tree of the village u could see flocks of birds ..It's a treat to the eyes and a site to remember for life.. The light was very good on that day and there was not a single cloud we could see the sky .. Anyway we had a nice shooting session of the birds
for around 1.5 or 2 hours and then we've decided to move back .. We've started our return journey by 12.30 pm .. We had our lunch at Kiran Dhava on Kanakapura .. We reached Bangalore by around 4.00 pm.. Dropped shivakumar at his place and then directly moved to home .. I was tired like hell after all this driving and shooting ..So directly went to bed once I reach home .. It was a nice trip with like-minded people and had a really nice time .. Three cheers to Kokkrebellur ..
Have yet to give the slides for developement.. thinking of trying some other place then Prabhu as my last slides I could see so many scratches and I was really p**ed off to see scratches .. Probably will try Mallik this time ...
Road Condition : The Kanakapura Road or the NH 209 was good to drive with two or three occasional potholes.. The diversion to Kokkrebelur is somewhat like a village road and there were 1 or 2 bad patches but not that bad and we didn't have much problem driving there..

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