Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Last weekend was a busy weekend ..

Saturday morning (5.45 am) .. wow, can u believe I woke up so early ?? Actually had to meet some guyz from bpc near hebbal lake .. My idea was to take some photographs of the lake and surroundings ..But I end up shooting only birds .. It's amazing to so many birds there .. wish I had a longer lens wih me that day.. at least 500 mm was required .. Anyway I tried to make the most out of what I had .. Hope to get atleast 2 or 3 good exposures ...
Had a nice talk with other guyz(jk and Srikant) .. We r planning for a trip this month .. Probably to a nearby place or to Hampi .. Also seen one photographer in a hide waiting patiently for the avians .. he had a big 600mm lens(wowwww) ..
around 9 we have returned form the place ..
Saturday Afternoon(2.30 pm) - there is one slideshow and presentation by Dr. Manoj Sindhgi at Anand Sharan's studio .. He got some really nice(shall I say awesome) pictures .. Loved the show and also got some nice tips .. It was over by 5.00 pm in the evening ..
Had to go MG road in the evening .. PN Rao has some good collection of suits .. I may need to buy one someday in the near future ... ;-)
Sunday morning we went to Sultanpet.. no not for photogrpahy but with Ajay as he has to get some marriage invitation cards for his marriage .. That place was crowded like anything and we were cursing ourselves as we didn't get any place to park the car.. Had to take a round and then parked it near Gandhinagar .. It was the sunday market because of which such a crowd was there.. Anyway,seen some different types of designs of cards and liked some of them .. ;-)
Ohh God, the whole day we were outside ,after the cards now he(ajay) has to decide on the Suit so we have stormed almost every shop in the Commercial, Brigade, MG,Shopper's stop/start ,lifestyle and what not .. And ultimately PN Rao seemed to be the best option(I already knew it ;-) ) ..returned home by 7 pm and luckily Pankaj & Indrani has invited all of us to their home for dinner(May GOD bless them)..

Yesterday(monday) .. I joined Gym ..Hope I'll able to continue this time...

Today,whole day I have spent studying .. Some n/w mgmt concepts and stuffs like that .. Have to go Gym now(6.10 pm) .. U know have gained so much of weight that I'm ashamed of myself now ..
That's all for today .. Ajay will collect my photographs from Prabhu Digital today ..So have to hurry .. Bye bye dear blog..

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