Wednesday, December 15, 2004

after a week

Saturday : Nothing much is happening .. Last weekend done some shopping,well,bought one more pair of Adidas..sigh ...Honsha has thrown a party at Shiok .. Food was good, but lil' bit on the costlier side .. Anyway had a nice time ..
Sunday : Plan was to sleep as much as possible ..woke up at 10.30 itself .. One more boring sunday has gone by without much to do .. Watched Aitraaz ,so so movie ..
Monday : Well,the day started with a bang-crash-boom .. On the way to office I was hit by a cow on my left side of the car .. Left side window and mirror got shattered to pieces .. I was cursing myself for not being careful..The road itself was not good and actually one big truck was overtaking me so I couldn't moved to the right .. I thought I can pass the horde of cows and almost did.. Suddenly heard the shattering noise and when I looked to my side all I could see was the bits and pieces of my LHS window .. Ohhh God .. It was a cow who decided to hit my window and mirror .. I was totally pissed off and I was cursing myself for not being careful enough to hit by some animals.. ...

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