Saturday, June 16, 2007

End of the Begining..

As the adage goes, "All the journeys has to come to an end", and it's been long long 6 yrs and 10 months of a journey in a boat called Aricent(renamed from former Hughes) and today after so many years I've decided to change the boat to give my career a bit more speed, well that's what I hope.. and I always hope for the best.. Been through lots of ups and downs, joys,laughter,tears and what not during these years..
Who says in software industry you don't find friends instead get only colleagues ??No, it's not true.. After coming out of college I thought I'll never be able to find friends like I had during those days.. But my experience in last few years will tell a different story.. It was like going back to the college days,and for a change I used to have fun in office.. Weekdays became more likeable then it ever was..Have found some of my best friends,and well, lost some..
But as every good thing has to come to an end this episode also has to finish..So here I am today, seating @ home at this wee hours getting nostalgic,remembering those beautiful moments that has passed by..My last day @ aricent was today and had to bid goodbye and close a long chapter of my life..


Twilight fairy said...

all the best with your new job!


All the best in your new endeavor!

Mayank said...

Truer words were never said. :) Vyas would say its always an emotional affair when you quit your first job. Think he's bang on.